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Don’t want to miss out on the laughter, tears of joy & incredible healing shared by passed loved ones? Join me for one of these upcoming live events. And if you’re curious about your own ability, check out the schedule of fun, informative and possibly “life-changing” classes & workshops.

4 Week Series

Introduction to Mediumship

Starts Sept 5

Live Event

Messages From Heaven
North Charleston, SC

September 22

Live Event

Messages From Heaven
Myrtle Beach, SC

Fall Date TBD

Carol Cottrell Best Psychic in South Carolina

September 5, 12, 19 & 26

Awaken Your Ability. An Introduction to Mediumship.

Charleston, South Carolina

This 4-week series is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to something new; something that inspires a whole new side of you. Join me for this fun & interactive class that will feed your curiosity about your own psychic, intuitive and mediumistic abilities.

Messages from Heaven Psychic Events

September 22, 2019

Messages From Heaven. Because Love Never Dies.

North Charleston, South Carolina

When you’re missing a loved one and longing to know they are okay, the evidence and messages from loved ones passed can fill you with love, laughter and joy.  This event will be held in Park Circle’s cozy South of Broadway Theatre, and seats are limited so grab your tickets now.

Psychic in South Carolina

July 11

Messages From Heaven. Because Love Never Dies.

Potsdam, New York

When you’re missing a loved one and longing to know they are okay,  the evidence and messages from loved ones passed can fill you with love,  laughter and joy.  Join me for this special Messages From Heaven event. 

Best Psychic Reading

July 14

Messages From Heaven. To Benefit the JayCW Fund

Rome, New York

I’m honored to be part of this event for the Jason Christopher Wilhelm Foundation. If you are in Central New York, I hope you’ll join for a very special afternoon of Messages From Heaven. All proceeds will go to the JayCW Fund, a 501(c)(3)non-profit corporation founded in 2008 to provide scholarships, give assistance to cancer patients, and promote cancer awareness and research.

When I lost my father to suicide in 1999, it was the most devastating event of my life. There were so many unanswered questions and so many unresolved issues. Worse, this person that I was so close with was gone forever and I would never be able to talk to him again. For 17 years, I have longed for some way to reconnect with him-to know he was okay-and at peace. A friend took me to Messages from Heaven in Charleston in the spring of 2016. I didn... Read More
Murphy Funkhouser Capps 
Murphy Funkhouser Capps
Mind blowing accuracy, incredibly amazing...but above all else HEALING. These three beautiful souls bring messages, validation, and love from people we thought we have lost, and comfort in knowing that, in fact, our loved ones are amongst us, haven't missed one moment, and watch over us every day. This experience changed my life, and I am forever grateful for showing up for this. Whether you are in pain, grieving, or just curious, it's definitel... Read More
Jonathan Ghant 
Jonathan Ghant
I had the privilege of “studying” under Carol. I searched for a long time to find “the right fit” for me. Carol is everything I could ask for in a teacher and a medium. I took her 4 week “Introduction to Mediumship” and found a whole new group of good friends along the path. We all bonded along the way, and Carol was the perfect mentor for our journey. Not only was she excellent teaching us, she made it so much fun. A lot of hands-on ... Read More
Cindy Thompson 
Cindy Thompson
I had the privilege to take Carol’s first Introduction to Mediumship class. It was amazing. Carol is so much more than just “the teacher”; she is such a wonderful person and mentor. Carol creates a space where you feel safe to learn and develop your gifts. Carol encourages, listens and helps you build the confidence to believe in yourself. I highly recommend Carol – whether you take her classes or go for a reading. She is an amazing, cari... Read More
Ruthe Volinskie 
Ruthe Volinskie
Working with Carol has been one of my greatest joys over the last few years. I was connected to her originally by a mutual friend during a year filled with loss, tragedy & grief in my life.  I was skeptical of mediumship, although I had had my own experiences over the years that I couldn’t explain.  My rational mind and Catholic upbringing had me discredit and fear that which I could not explain.  I was, however, open, curious, & gri... Read More
Stephanie Burg  Certified Coach, Dancer, Healer
Stephanie Burg

Tickets for my next Messages From Heaven event are now available!

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