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The ‘Long Island Medium’ and Charleston Mediums Share What It Is Like to Talk to The Dead

by | Dec 1, 2019 | In The News | 0 comments

“Everything in the spirit world is love.”

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to help people understand what mediumship is…and what it isn’t. So when reporter Kalyn Oyer of the Charleston Post & Courier, contacted me and asked if I’d be part of the article she was doing featuring the Long Island Medium, Teresa Caputo, I was onboard. Kalyn spoke to three mediums to get our perspective on what we do, and just like all people are different, every medium is different. We all have our own personalities and our own way of working, but all three of the mediums in the article have something in common; our work has taught us “there is nothing but joy, love, and forgiveness resonating from the spirits who have passed on.”

Check out the full article below:


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