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3 Myths of Mediumship. Unveiling the Mystery

3 Myths of Mediumship. Unveiling the Mystery

Mediumship may be a mystery to some, but it doesn’t have to be. As a professional medium, I love to help shed some light so others can have a better understanding of the world of mediumship and of life in the spirit realm. Read on for a look at 3 popular myths about being a medium.
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Evil Spirits or Inner Demons? Is It All in the Perspective?

Evil Spirits or Inner Demons? Is It All in the Perspective?

Our experiences shape our world, and sometimes new experiences can completely change what we had once believed. My own fear of evil spirits, haunted houses and things that go bump in the night was drastically altered when I took another look at where that fear was really coming from.
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As an intuitive medium, one of my greatest joys is in helping people understand mediumship, so when people ask me questions, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned through my own experiences. My goal is not to persuade people to believe what I believe, but only to offer a new perspective; one that feeds your curiosity, discredits the fear-based myths and helps people understand their own experiences.

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My classes offer another great way to feed your curiosity & understand your own experiences & ability. The Charleston-based Awaken Your Ability Class; An Introduction to Mediumship is offered three times a year, and I’m excited to announce the coming of the same class to be offered online. Keep an eye out for its early 2020 launch!

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