Stephanie Burg
Certified Coach, Dancer, Healer
Working with Carol has been one of my greatest joys over the last few years. I was connected to her originally by a mutual friend during a year filled with loss, tragedy & grief in my life.  I was skeptical of mediumship, although I had had my own experiences over the years that I couldn’t explain.  My rational mind and Catholic upbringing had me discredit and fear that which I could not explain.  I was, however, open, curious, & grieving and through Carol and her connection to Spirit was able to gain a tremendous amount of comfort & peace surrounding those I had lost.  I believe, without a shadow of a doubt  after working with Carol, that our loved ones are always with us even if they are no longer in physical form. I have since worked with Carol as a student through her classes & private mentorship and have been truly touched and in awe of my experience.  Carol knows what it means to experience the “unknown” and for many individuals who have intuitive abilities but are doubtful or afraid of embracing these abilities, she is a Godsend— nurturing & supporting a discovery of vision, insight, and knowing that cannot always be explained by science. Carol is an amazing teacher, guide, & healer and I would highly recommend experiencing her work and loving presence in some way, whether through a group event, 1:1 reading or one of her classes.

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